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Attention New Prep User:

Thank you for purchasing the newly designed AutoprepTM Smear Prep Station, MiniprepPlusTM Smear Prep Station or the refurbished MiniprepTM Smear Prep Station. Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself and your staff with the safe and effective operation of this product, by reading the manual and especially the addendum on the new spreaders enclosed with this unit.

              ■ Please read manual and any addendums prior to operation and use.
              ■ Practice with minimum of 10 to 20 slides per staff member.
              ■ Place short applicator stick in front of slide platen to keep smaller slides from forward motion.
              ■ Speed control knob on top of unit is not to be depressed or pushed into unit; turn clockwise or counter-clockwise only. Use minimal force!
              ■ Lateral (left to right) setting of spreaders is critical for consistent quality smears, it should be centered on each new slide.

General Packing List:
                                        ■ AutoprepTM Unit
                                        ■ Extra Set of Glass Blades
                                        ■ Extra "O" Rings
                                        ■ Product Manual & Mktg Materials
                                        ■ Any Optional Equipment Purchased

When registered, this unit has a one year warranty, keep your packaging for future use. For Repairs / Warranty work, your PO# is your RMA.

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                         Sedona, AZ 86340

Ship To:          Barret Healthcare Intl
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                         Suite 11-507
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